From the drawing to the bracelet

We all see a lot of drawings: of our children, of the craftsman that plans a furniture, of the proofs of works of art.

The question is: what is a drawing?
It is the graphic representation of an idea.
It is the first result of a project.
It is the beginning of a creation.

In this way the Seven Luxury  bracelet comes to life

The idea is the spark of genius that lights the project.
In the 400 B.C. Plato asserted that the idea comes from an intuition: so it arrives to the man’s conscience. Every idea is inside the man’s soul and thanks to the experience it comes to reality.

Made in Italy

The experience is inside people that for years know and love the luxury: the real luxury, the luxury of the Beauty.

The pencil drawing colours a rainbow of Italian leathers, with a silver or gold button, sewn with a gold wire in contrast.

The idea becomes drawing

The drawing becomes project

The project becomes reality