From ancient times to the 60’s every product borned from the hands of a craftsman: from the tailor to the goldsmith, from the shoemaker to the carpenter.

Consumerism, fashion, desire of freedom and of social disorder: all changed fast the habits, the priorities and the desires.

In the 70’s the taste of the niche product lost importance compared with the industrial object.

Today there is a return to the luxury conception as a unique object, with a history and a strong identity and therefore impossible to make it in mass production.

With the eyepiece firmly attached to the eye,

The highly qualified goldsmith assembles the bracelet with skilled and meticulous care. The smallest imperfection doesn’t escape to his careful gaze. His emotions and his soul forge every bracelet.
In this way a new life borns: a work of art with a pure and perfect soul.

Our bracelets

Seven Luxury bracelet is all this

Every piece is unique and imperceptibly different from the others.
It is shaped from the goldsmith’s hands, from the prototype to the fusion, from the finish to the polishing, the assembly and the manufacture.
Every piece needs many hours of working that conveys a creative, unique and unrepeatable talent.

Ed il Bracciale Montenapoleone di Seven Luxury è tutto ciò: ogni pezzo è unico, impercettibilmente diverso dall’altro.

E’ plasmato dalle mani dell’orafo, dal modello alla fusione, dalla finitura alla lucidatura fino all’assemblaggio ed alla confezione.

Ogni pezzo richiede lunghe ore di lavoro, ore che trasmettono quel soffio vitale, un alcunchè di umano, di vivo, di unico ed irripetibile!